Call for Papers

We invite proposals to the following topics (and others beyond):

  • Muses vs. geniuses in creative partnerships
  • Related isms: feminism, modernism, post-modernism, etc.
  • Queer perspectives
  • Methodological challenges (biography, comparative biography, life writing, archives and legacies, constructs like Michèle LeDoeuff’s ‘Heloise complex’, etc.)
  • Challenges in interdisciplinary partnerships/approaches
  • Collaboration and obstruction in partnerships
  • Partnerships between creative artists (writers, poets, fine artists, composers, performers, etc.) and ‘enablers’ (editors, gallerists and dealers, critics, conductors, etc.)

Proposals can be for 20-minute individual papers or 90-minute collaborative panels or lecture-recitals of max. 90 minutes. Proposals should not exceed 300 words, biographies (optional) 150 words. The deadline for receipt of proposals is Friday, 16th December 2016.

Please address aspects of methodology and include a brief speaker biography in your proposal. If you would like to be considered for one of three postgraduate travel bursaries, please identify yourself as a postgraduate student. Please use the submission form on this website or email a Word or pdf document to We aim to inform you of further steps by mid-January 2016.