12 April 2017
Registration has now closed and the programme is in press and available on the website. If you have missed registration but would like to attend the conference, please get in touch via the form on this website and we will do our best to help. We are looking forward to an exciting and stimulating conference and wish you a happy Easter, passover, or simply holiday in the meantime.

9 February 2017
Registration for the conference will open in February. Everyone who comes to the conference as a speaker or as a visitor is required to register – this is for reasons of calculating room sizes and ordering sufficient amounts of catering. You also need to be registered in order to profit from our deal with the Royal West of England Academy (free entrance to the April exhibitions at the RWA).
PLEASE NOTE that for logistic reasons registration will CLOSE ONE WEEK AHEAD OF THE EVENT, on 11 April 2017.

30 December 2016
After a fantastic response to the call for papers for the conference, the call has now been closed and we are no longer accepting proposals. Very much looking forward to reading everyone’s ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the topic over the next days and weeks.