Tuesday, 18 April 2017

9.00-9.45, Foyer
Registration with

9.45-10.00, Victoria’s Room
Annika Forkert (Bristol)

10.00-11.30, Victoria’s Room
Keynote Address
Frances Spalding (Clare Hall, Cambridge)

Looking at the Carpet from the Wrong Side: Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry
Chair: Adrian Paterson (NUI Galway)

11.30-12.00, Foyer
Tea break

12.00-13.00, Victoria’s Room 12.00-13.00, Albert’s Bar
Panel 1a: “Until Death Us Do Part”
Chair: Michael Graham (Royal Holloway, London)
Panel 1b: Couples around Stieglitz
Chair: Gemma Brace (RWA Bristol)
Kirstie Hewlett (Kings College, London), Surviving Schenker: Jeanette Schenker and Marital Collaboration Samantha Niederman (York),
Symbiotic Sensibilities: The Star & the Broken Spirit
Mattia Mossali (Bergamo),
The White Goddess Meets the Poet: Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes and Birthday Letters
Christiana Pagliarusco (Trento),
“Inward to the Bones”: Exploring Georgia O’Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz’s Bond through Poetry

13.00-14.00, Theatre Bar
Lunch break

14.00-15.00, Victoria’s Room 14.00-15.00, Albert’s Bar
Panel 2a: Couples in Harmony
Chair: Frances Spalding (Clare College, Cambridge)
Panel 2b: Messy Couples I
Chair: Tom Walker (Trinity College Dublin)
 Allegra Hartley (Huddersfield),
Alienated Labour: Motherhood within the Confines of Science in Charlotte Haldane’s Man’s World
Maria Razumovskaya (Guildhall School of Music and Drama),
“The Motionless Dnieper, Nocturnal Podol”: Harmonising Poetry and Pianism in the Creativity of Boris Pasternak and Heinrich Neuhaus
Joana Baião (Lisbon),
Sharing Life and Art: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva and Arpad Szenes
Claudia Tobin (Cambridge),
“Twin Plasticities”: Margaret Morris and J.D. Fergusson’s Intermedial Aesthetics

15.00-16.00, Foyer
Tea break

16.00-17.00, Victoria’s Room 16.00-17.00, Albert’s Bar
Panel 3a: Queer Geniuses and Muses
Chair: Chris Charles (Bristol)
Panel 3b: Gender Theory for Muses
Chair: Christopher Wiley (Surrey)
Piotr Sobolczyk (Polish Academy of Sciences),
A Diary between Sightlessness and Queerness
Suzanne Bode (Park Lane Intern. School, Prague),
Gabriele Münter and Wassily Kandinsky: Innovation and Abstraction in the Context of Nationalist and Gender Debates in Germany
Apala Dasgupta Barat (Calcutta),
Unequal Partnership, Explosive Incoherence and Postmodern Perspectives in ‘Ascent of F6’
Katherine Shingler (Nottingham),
Genius and Gender Trouble in French Fiction of the années folles

17.00-18.00, Theatre Bar
Reception with wine, juice, and nibbles

 18.00-19.00, Auditorium
Lecture Recital 1
Arthur Keegan-Bole (Bristol), Echoic Memories – Proustian Moments for Collaborating Couples
With George Owen (cello) & Lydia Ward (piano)

19.00 –
Informal Conference Dinner


Wednesday, 19th April 2017

9.00-9.30, Foyer
Registration with tea/coffee/biscuits

9.30-11.00, Victoria’s Room 9.30-11.00, Albert’s Bar
Panel 4a: Couples and/in Politics
Chair: Marie Luise Herzfeld-Schild (Cologne)
Panel 4b: Messy Couples II – and Groups
Chair: Christopher Tarrant (Anglia Ruskin)
Maxi Grotkopp (FU Berlin),
The Genius of the Dyad. Performance Art Couples from the 1960s until Today
Joseph Pfender (New York),
Lasting Impressions: Tape Experimentalism among Friends, Magnetic Enregistrement as Friendship
Adrian Paterson (NUI Galway),
Dead Words on Dead Paper: Technology and History in the Collaboration of George and W.B. Yeats
Zoe Thomas (Birmingham),
The Perfect Partnership? Husband-and-Wife Teams in the Arts and Crafts Movement
Katherine Seddon (RNCM Manchester),
“We are Utterly Odd”: The Challenges of Autobiographical Writing in Revealing the Collaborative Life in Music and Values of Hope Squire Merrick and Frank Merrick
Michael Graham (Royal Holloway, London), Tippett in The Tempest: The Knot Garden’s Collaborating Couples

11.00-11.30, Foyer
Tea break

11.30-13.00, Victoria’s Room 11.30-13.00, Albert’s Bar
Panel 5a: Equality
Chair: Kenneth Smith (Liverpool)
Panel 5b: Sacrifice
Chair: Kate Guthrie (Bristol)
Alison Shorten (Maynooth),
The Symbiotic Relationship of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya: Lenya as Muse and Collaborator
Karen Armstrong (York University Toronto),
My Eyes: Vladimir and Vèra Nabokov
Marie-Luise Herzfeld-Schild (Cologne),
Cathy Berberian and Luciano Berio. A Couple’s Creative Mission
Ian Maxwell (Cambridge),
“…There are Wonderful Things We Could Do Together in Creating Music”: Moeran and Coetmore, 1943
Charlotte Fiehn (Cambridge),
“[H]alf in Love with Easeful Death”: Literary Collaborations of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

13.00-14.00, Theatre Bar
Lunch break

14.00-15.00, Victoria’s Room
Keynote Dialogue
Jane Manning and Anthony Payne in conversation with Annika Forkert

15.00-15.30, Foyer
Tea break

15.30-17.00, Victoria’s Room
Panel 6: Historiography and Biography

Chair: Annika Forkert (Bristol)

Christine Fornoff (University of Music and Perf. Arts Vienna),
The Musician’s Marriage in German-speaking Magazines of the 19th Century

Christopher Wiley (Surrey),
Subject and Countersubject: The Prevalence of the Genius and the Muse in Musical Biography

Annika Forkert (Bristol), Closing Address: Rounding Up the Geniuses

Gap time

Informal conference dinner